We’ve Moved!

As some of you may already be aware, our store on Sidwell Street in Exeter has officially closed…

This is merely temporary, whilst we finalize our relocation. You’ll be updated with the details once the new premises is ready & we have confirmation!

Until then, we’re very thankful for everyone’s custom throughout the duration of our time on Sidwell Street.

All the best,

From the team at Lickety Split – Bike Shed UK

‘Liv’ Bikes

The latest range of road bikes from Liv such as the all new Langma, the fan favourite Avail and the aero weapon that is the Envie are all available!

The latest range of Hybrid & City bikes from Liv include the sporty Thrive, the modern BeLiv or the retro-styled Flourish. 

Send it with the new Liv mountain bikes such as the sports-hardtail Rove, the racy Obsess, or go downhill fast on the new Hail. 

Come & Check Out The Range

Come and check out our range and chat with our friendly, knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help you find your new dream bike! 

Contact Us to find out more.

Fabric Saddles Now Available




Fabric Scoop Saddles

A wide range of Fabric’s new Scoop saddles in the Comfort, Elite, Race variation to cater for all riders.

The Scoop is a multi-discipline saddle designed to provide flexibility and great ergonomic feel for all genres of modern cycling. Starting with our unique flexible base, vacuum bonded upper and custom design rail, the Fabric Scoop is proven to be the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity. Available now in three saddle profiles, a large selection of colours and a wide range of build specifications – the Fabric Scoop, designed for everyone.

All of Fabric’s Scoop saddles share the same simple three-part manufacturing process; they comprise of a cover, base and rail. This minimal manufacturing technique removes any staples and excess material which is synonymous with traditional saddle design – this further reduces weight, improves comfort and is much easier to clean. Our exclusive new construcion technique allows for a more comfortable foam topper and improved flexibility in the base. Every Scoop is encased with a durable and waterproof microfibre cover which is grippy whilst still allowing you to move freely around the saddle.


Prices start at £40.00 for the Elite , as pictured above.

£59.99 for the Race.

And £109.99 for the Pro.